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(German) Junior Social Strategist – remote role based in Germany

Bijgewerkt op: 16 aug. 2022

NEW !!!

VaynerMedia is a global creative and media agency built for the now. Born in social our work is now full service, simply loving big ideas that connect and create real change for their clients business.

The Role

This is a remote role based in Germany working collaboratively with our London office. Candidates must be authorised to work in Germany.

The Junior Social Strategist (or Post Creative Strategist) is the closest member of the strategy team to what’s going on in culture and consumer behaviour for a brand. Using a combination of social listening, trend data and the reactions of a brand’s community to it's messaging - they help to inform and shape strategic, creative and media strategy. One of the entry routes into the strategy team, the PCS will work with other members of the team to inform what cultural signals exist and what a brand should do with them. This isn’t just an insights role, as a PCS will be expected to provide suggestions and implications to their observations on consumers and culture. Over time, their career will develop into becoming well rounded strategists, senior strategists, strategy directors and beyond. This will all be built on top of a hands on foundation which recognises that consumers are guiding us towards better work everyday, if we only listen.


  • Ongoing monitoring of brand social channels & relevant online conversations looking for highest impact opportunities to engage (including proactive identification of conversations & communities strategically and creatively relevant for the brand)

  • Continuous active listening on brands currently tracking every follower interaction: comments, responses, DM’s

  • Analyse brand and cultural trends for consideration of creative team

  • Bring insight on a subject-matter and specific subculture.

  • Willing to go beyond basic tracking to analysing and drawing hypothesis, including providing a daily digest of observations + recommendations

  • Use third party tools to manage brand’s pages

  • Read every comment across all social posts, and respond to consumers across these channels, maintaining a consistent brand voice across these conversations, and using the opportunity to engage followers, probe further insights, or advance brand goal

  • Follow proper escalation systems, as needed, for fans with negative feedback.

  • Seek opportunities to insert the brand in social conversation, whether around relevant trending topics/news or engaging with social influencers/celebrities/other brands

Desirable skills and experience

A curious person who wonders why people do what they do and wants to find out more by listening to consumers. You’ll have a strong opinion about what you like in advertising and what you want brands to do, which you’ll want to test and develop. You’ll have an even stronger curiosity about people and why they do what they do. You will be comfortable with data in Excel or Google Sheets and be active and interested in social media platforms from Instagram and Facebook through to TikTok or Snapchat.

  • Experience using Excel / Google Sheets to analyse and chart data - Excitement about what's possible on social platforms including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn

  • The desire to learn and develop strategy skills through working with members of the strategy team

  • Experience using Facebook, Twitter or Google Ads Manager and/or social media analytics

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and German

How we will support you

We know talent is our most important asset and our people guide our work and our culture. The last year has challenged us like nothing before, and we are committed to providing the support and flexibility needed for people to do their best work and have fun doing it. We are an open minded bunch and we value diversity of thought and experience. Every person we hire will make us a more creative, innovative and happier agency. You are always welcome to bring an idea or opinion to our work and our ways of working.

We have newly launched an entity in Europe with Amsterdam being our first office in EMEA. We are currently in the process of reviewing our benefits offerings and are committed to providing a comprehensive programme for our people.


remote role based in Germany


Call Monique for more information +31(0)6-430 20 410 Or mail directly your CV to

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