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Business Development & Acquisition Analyst (Medior) - Utrecht

This company is the parent company for multiple technical wholesalers in Europe. As the European market leader in solar, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, they are playing an essential role in the energy transition all across the continent. However, while they keep their eye on the future and continuously expand their services, they are still a family-owned company and have been around for over 100 years. They have subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Norway, Poland and Belgium. They are also active in France, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Spain and Luxembourg.


Join the international, in-house advisory team

The local companies are going through a digital transition. Some are already leaders in their local markets, others are just starting up their first webshop. That’s why they are now creating an in-house advisory team of 4 to 6 experts that will help local teams with their e-commerce and digital marketing initiatives.


This team’s responsibilities will range from making a country-specific eCommerce strategy, to providing advice on topics like local team setup and bridging the gap with the traditional sales organization. And include practical ecommerce topics like webshop search, UX design, KPI’s, email marketing, SEO & SEA, marketing automation, etc. As you can imagine this role will involve a lot of challenging pioneering work and a lot of freedom to operate.


Your role in this team will be slightly atypical, in the sense that you will look for opportunities to expand through acquisitions rather than through in-house initiatives. Love a challenge? please read on:


Your skill set?

  • You are an analytical jack of all trades, who loves to dive into the unknown. You are able to search for companies that are digitally ahead in the field of technical products and services aimed at installers. Think industries like: solar, HVAC, sanitary and DIY.

  • You will be gathering information about European markets, potential targets, their customer base and growth opportunities.

  • You are able to assess possible targets on their digital capabilities like tech stack, development capabilities, digital marketing performance and speed to learn and adapt (agility).

  • After identifying a possible target you will collaborate with their M&A team on next steps like first contact, financials, legal, etc. Together you have to find out if and what your role will be in that process.

  • You are an inventive, digital native. You like to use new apps and services to make your work better and faster. You are the one that comes up with that AI app to analyse lots of documents and get the most important conclusions out of it so you are able to advise your management colleagues.

  • Excellent communication skills in English, as you will work mainly in English. Another European language, like Dutch, German or French is preferred.

  • You are able to present your findings, conclusions and advice to management members in person. Part of that is that you are able to make a clear presentation document (PowerPoint, Keynote, Canva, etc) that is also visually appealing.

  • You are able to organise and prioritise your own work. Of course with the help of digital tools like Trello.

  • Persistence and enthusiasm to drive projects to a successful end result.


What are we looking for?

  • 3+ years of experience in a role as analyst or another young professional role that is about digital business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • You will analyse European markets for digital players in the technical wholesale industry that they might want to acquire. You will be part of the international Digital Advisory team in Utrecht and collaborate with M&A colleagues at their HQ in Bremen, and possibly local colleagues in other European countries.

  • Positive, active vibe. Yes is your favourite word! Your enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Proactive, self-starter, communicative and solution-oriented (we know, standard request, but not a standard characteristic).

  • You love your colleagues, and with your positive power it is a joy for everyone to work with you.

  • You are just as driven as the rest of the team and dare to be entrepreneurial.


What they offer?

  • 32-40 hours/week

  • Competitive salary. A one-year contract followed by a permanent contract if you are both happy with the collaboration.

  • Lots of room for initiative, personal growth, freedom and responsibility.

  • New fresh team, part of the growing international Digital Department.

  • Macbook, iPhone, and a 4K screen on your sit-stand office desk in the Utrecht office.

  • Employee discount on products they sell in The Netherlands.

  • You will have a Dutch employment contract with a good pension scheme. Including “ADV” days when you work full time. That results in 25 + 12 vacation days(!).

  • This company exists for more than 100 years, is financially healthy with a long term strategy: good to know in these times of uncertainty and when private equity funded startups can stop any day.

  • Travel: due to your international role you will need to travel within Europe regularly, something to consider, and a great way to explore new cultures and people


Main location: their modern office near Utrecht Central Station with a view on the city centre.

Contact person

Call Monique for more information 06-43020410

Of mail directly your CV to

3 weergaven


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