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Besides specialising in recruitment and selection, Monique Post and Sonja Kornet have both qualified as coaches, which mean that employers and candidates can contact us with questions about career development and personal development too. Both were motivated to expand their skill set in this direction by their huge drive to help candidates achieve even more satisfaction from their professional lives.

Career & Development
You may find that you are less motivated by your work than you used to be and that you are looking for new challenges. Or you might be in the right place, but are wondering whether the future has anything else in store for you. What else could you do? Which options and opportunities do you have? Are you making full use of all of your qualities? What if you were to start right from the very beginning again, would you do what you are doing now? These are just some examples of questions that we can help you find answers to. Again: aided by our strong combination of personal involvement and practical professionalism.

Our coaching will help you gain an insight into your particular qualities, motivational drivers, skills, points for development and talents. We will help you identify unconscious thoughts and patterns and you will learn about aspects of yourself that you weren't aware of before and, by doing this, gain a wider view and a clear focus on your possibilities. Our aim is to work with you to find out what motivates you and then also provide you with any practical help you need, based on our knowledge of the market and by sharing our network with you.

Approach & Customisation
To gain answers to questions about career development and personal development, we start by inviting you to attend a free introductory meeting. Every individual is unique and Post & Kornet coaching programmes are always fully customised to your particular needs. Depending on your coaching requirements, we will put together a plan consisting of four to six meetings of 1.5 hours each, once every two to three weeks.
Alternatively, for people who don't want to attend a number of sessions, but would simply like to exchange thoughts on a possible next step, we can offer a one-off 'sounding board session' of two hours for just € 150.00. In this session, we use a number of tools to identify where your qualities, talents and challenges lie and we help you to gain a clear idea of the direction in which you could develop. Once we have the information we need, we will be in a position to advise you on possible next steps in your career and start to look for positions and work environments in which your talents and ambitions can develop most effectively.
Please feel free to call us for more information and to hear more about the interesting offer we would like to put to you.
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