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The Candidate
Post & Kornet proactively looks for the best vacancy, company or agency for you, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. We are ideal for people with experience in the account, strategy, traffic, operations and production fields, whether on the agency side, or with an 'agency mentality' on the client side.
Our aim is to get to know you, because what you want comes first. What experience do you have? Which qualities? What energises you? And in which direction would you like to develop?
Once we have the answers to these questions, we will be able to provide you with the best advice on possible future steps in your career and find you a position and work environment that do full justice to your specific talents and ambitions.
You will find a number of current vacancies on this site. If you don't find any appropriate vacancies or assignments here now, please feel free to submit an open application. We always respond to these applications within two working days.

& the Client
Post & Kornet finds long-term matches. Our efficient recruitment procedure is designed to get the right man or woman in the right place as quickly as possible - whether in permanent positions or doing a temporary assignment - while at the same time making sure that we don't lose sight of the ultimate objective: a good-quality match for the long term. We look for candidates with the skills and experience required and also the right personality for a particular company given its specific company culture. Candidates need to promote a company's culture and sometimes even challenge it too. It's not just about finding the perfect position or assignment that's a comfortable decision for all involved; we also look for motivational matches that create valuable additional energy.
With this in mind, we like to have a personal meeting with you at your company to gain a feel for your company culture and for what you would like to achieve in terms of change and growth. Having produced a profile, we then set to work to find candidates whose personalities, competencies and mentality fit the profile. We are able to make these matches having met each and every candidate personally and spoken to them in depth. Sometimes, we may put forward a candidate that you may not have expected, but rest assured we are always able to explain our reasons for doing this.

Proactive & Current
Post & Kornet has an extensive network and an up-to-date database. We specialise in temporary and flexible candidates for account positions (AE, PM, AM, AD, CSD) and positions in strategy, traffic, operations and production at every experience level, both online and offline. We speak to candidates regularly and follow their careers. We keep up-to-date on developments in the agency world and aren't afraid to proactively present a candidate to our clients whenever we feel that he or she would fit in well in the culture in a particular agency or company and could provide good added value.

Call & Make an Appointment
Recruitment and selection is about people above all else. It's all about the click between a candidate and client and between the client and us. That's why we like to visit you for a no-obligation introductory meeting. Call Monique Post on 06 43 02 04 10 or Sonja Kornet on 06 55 36 54 99.

Register & Get to know us
Candidates should use the online form to register, after which we will contact them within two working days. It is important that you complete this form in as much detail as possible, as this enables us to provide our candidates and clients with the very best service possible.

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