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Monique Post

After completing a university degree in Economics, specialising in Marketing Management and Strategic Personnel Management, Monique Post (shown on the left in the photo) started her career at the Randstad temporary employment agency. Feeling the need to focus on marketing more, she found herself in the Marketing Department at Versatel, but only felt really at home when she joined INC-21, which was then part of the FV/BBDO advertising agency. She enjoyed the challenge of account work and was fascinated by the agency world. A reorganisation made her rethink her career and she decided to make the move to recruitment and selection. This turned out to be the perfect choice for her, as it brought together her two 'loves': people and the agency world. You know what it's like when you're in the right place for you: you want to grow and learn. Having completed the post-bachelor Career Coach and Personal Development degree, she is now even better qualified than before to help candidates decide on the best personal career path for them and establish what motivates them and which growth opportunities they have.

& Sonja Kornet

Sonja Kornet (shown on the right in the photo) found herself in the advertising business by accident. However, she had no regrets as it has turned out to be absolutely the right move for her: she flourished there. She was responsible for account, traffic and production-related activities for various agencies, with a personal preference for account work. She also spent some time at what was then known as DMIN (now DDMA) which enabled her to develop a considerable network. She had her first experience of recruitment and selection in 2000. This proved to be the ideal combination for her: working with people and utilising the experience she had already gained as an account, traffic and production manager. Sonja is fascinated by people and, thanks to her post-Bachelor Career Coach and Personal Development degree; she is even better qualified to guide candidates' thought and choice processes. It gives her huge satisfaction and also the energy necessary to be a source of inspiration, mirror, adviser and catalyst and help people and organisations grow.
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