Recruitment & Coaching

Welcome to Post & Kornet. We recruit, select and coach motivated account people, producers and strategists for advertising, media, online and design agencies and for clients that need people with an agency mentality.
You benefit from our extensive local and international network of candidates with agency backgrounds and, having worked in advertising ourselves for years, we know the culture, are familiar with needs and tensions in the field and speak the same language. We are very at home in the industry.

Personal & Professional
People fascinate us and we are always curious as to what drives and motivates them. Fortunately, our natural interest in people stands us in good stead. We organise a number of interviews with each candidate, during which we aim to find out what type of person he or she is. We then use our findings to produce a clear profile. We know exactly which questions to ask to establish which specific skills, wishes and expectations the candidate has. To make sure we achieve the very best match, we take plenty of time with the client too. Thanks to our experience and interest, we are always able to gain a good feel for a company's culture and identify the best candidate to promote or challenge it.

Our strength lies in our ability to achieve the right match between candidates' personalities and the culture in place in a client's business. Given our extensive experience, we largely do this instinctively, but are always able to translate these soft values into clear conditions and agreements.

Our recruitment process is clear and transparent and is designed to result in a contract that benefits both parties: the candidate and the client. For the longer term, we guide the entire process, from recruitment, selection and the job description, to the (freelance) contract and financial aspects.

We are proud to say that our coaching programme is just as clear. We help candidates to find (or regain) their focus and gain an insight into their motivational drivers, qualities and challenges, putting them in a position to make clearer choices and empower themselves - which they may even be able to achieve in their existing workplaces. However, if asked to do so, we can also consider other appropriate options in the market. Having an in-depth understanding of current supply and demand in the market, we are in a very good position to provide candidates with the specific and practical advice they need.

Motivation & Growth
Our object for recruitment and coaching is the same: to empower people. Motivation is what you see when people are where they need to be, where they can do what they are good at and are challenged to excel. Motivated employees have very real added value for a company. They perform better, are less likely to get ill, make a positive contribution to company culture and, perhaps most importantly of all, they enable an organisation to grow while growing themselves.

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